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Geologic Data, Software, and Consulting Services

We have established a reputation for industry-leading consulting services, and with the launch of ESA Analytics we are now distributing our own high quality data with the most comprehensive visualization and analytics platform on the market.

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Colorado's Premiere Geologic Consulting Firm

With our thoughtful approach to operations geology, and our cutting-edge geosteering services, we remain focused on one simple ideal: how can we help our clients streamline their operations and improve their bottom line? From our central location we are able to serve clients in Colorado, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming; and our skilled consultants have experience in all of the major oil and gas basins in this region (Permian, DJ, Eagle Ford, Powder River, Williston, Arkoma, Anadarko, Ft Worth, San Juan, Piceance, Paradox, Uinta, and Green River). With all of our services we provide accurate, timely interpretations through our secure online reporting system so our clients can access their data anywhere, anytime using a computer or smartphone. We use Kingdom, StarSteer, and ZoneVu for mapping and geosteering.

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:: Operations Geology

From planning to execution we've got you covered

:: Geosteering

Accurate interpretations based on all available data

:: Wellsite Geology

Tracking crucial information from cuttings and rig sensors

:: Data Management

Setup and organize StarSteer and Kingdom projects

:: Post-Drill Analysis

Gun barrels, ROP heat maps, and MSE optimization

:: Basin Assessments

Competitor spacing analysis and multivariate analytics

:: Mapping

Petrophysics, net pay maps, and structure grids

:: Development

Well placement and well inventory analysis

:: Acquisitions and Divestitures

A&D presentations with high graded acreage maps by zone

:: Permitting

Prepare permits based on geology and regulatory requirements

:: Planning

Understand the geology before you drill

:: Sample Testing

Elemental XRF analysis of rock samples

ESA Analytics - Geologic Data and Analysis

ESA Analytics is a comprehensive data, visualization, and analysis package. We deliver clean, normalized, and QC'd well data, process it with Kingdom mapping software and Python scripts, and compile it into SQL databases, where it feeds into Spotfire visualizations and is ready for analysis. This cutting-edge system lets you skip the labor intensive and time consuming steps of data management and automates common workflows like generating gun barrel displays, making spacing measurements, and quantifying parent child relationships, so your technical teams can jump straight into other tasks like operations and development planning, competitor analysis, and evaluating acreage. 

Please contact us for packages and pricing.

:: Data


:: Gun Barrels


:: Analysis


globe Click on images for larger interactive displays.

:: Key Features

Local and Cloud Hosting
ESA Well Data
Spotfire Visualization and Analytics Platform
Reservoir Engineering Module
Gunbarrel Dashboards
Maps and Grids
Basin Activity Tracker
Parent/Child Analysis
Bounded/Unbounded Analysis
Monthly Updates

:: Resources

Interactive Spotfire Demo
Interactive Gun Barrel Dashboard
Interactive Coverage Map
Video Tutorials
Training Document
User Manual

:: Coverage

States: Texas, Colorado, Wyoming, North Dakota, New Mexico, Montana, Nebraska, Kansas, South Dakota
Basins: Permian, Delaware, Midland, DJ, Powder River, Williston, Haynesville, Eagle Ford, Piceance, Paradox, San Juan, North Park, Sand Wash, Raton, Las Animas Arch, Bighorn, Green River, Hanna, Laramie, Wind River

:: Data

2,396,544 Wells
99,069 Wells w/Digital Logs
30,115 Triple Combos
26,006 Wells w/Top Picks
94,825 Wells w/Directional Surveys
46,282 Horizontal Wells
184,465 Wells w/Production Data
116,279 Wells w/Completions Data

:: Spotfire Project

400+ Variables
200+ Normalized Variables
100+ Auto-Generated Visualizations
10,905 Defined Tests
46,282 Horizontal Wells
Target Formation
Accurate Lateral Length
Accurate Spacing Based on Azimuth
26,006 Typelogs
Parent/Child Relationships
Links to Gunbarrel Dashboards
Production Data
Productions Normalization
Completions Data
Net Pay
Reservoir Engineering Type Curves
Maps and Grids

:: Gun Barrel Dashboards

10,905 Dashboards for 29,632 Wells
Each Dashboard Includes:
Test Name
Well Locations
Wellbore Paths w/Heatmap
Spacing Measurements
Closest Typelog GR & RES
Formation Isopachs
Well Count
Well Density
Average Azimuth
Wells & Grids Colored by Formation
Map Viewer for Wells and Typelogs
3D Viewer with Structure Grids
CSV Outputs:
Well Stats
Spacing Measurements
Test Stats

:: Maps and Grids

Structure Grids
Net Pay
Culture Layers

:: Release Notes

v.3.0 - Major Update Expected 5/1/2023
v.2.10 - 10/7/2022; added Eagle Ford surveys
v.2.9 - 9/9/2022; added Haynesville surveys
v.2.8 - 8/5/2022; added Texas production
v.2.7 - 7/8/2022; added Delaware Basin surveys
v.2.6 - 6/10/2022; added New Mexico production
v.2.5 - 5/13/2022; added Midland gun barrels and parent/child
v.2.4 - 4/15/2022; added Midland surveys/logs and MT production
v.2.3 - 3/11/2022; added TX wells
v.2.2 - 2/11/2022; added NM wells
v.2.1 - 1/14/2022; added wells and logs; restructured database
v.1.8 - 12/22/2021; added Piceance gun barrels and MT wells
v.1.7 - 11/12/2021; added ND gun barrels and KS wells
v.1.6 - 10/8/2021; added ND and SD wells
v.1.5 - 9/10/2021; added CO, WY and NE wells
v.1.4 - 8/6/2021; added Powder River Basin
v.1.3 - 7/9/2021; added reservoir engineering tools
v.1.2 - 6/4/2021; added WY, KS, and NE DJ wells
v.1.1 - 5/6/2021; added CO wells
v.1.0 - 4/1/2021; initial release with CO DJ wells

About Us

In 2003 on the shores of Lake Tahoe, Earth Science Agency began as a scientific and technical consulting company. For the past nineteen years we have served businesses, government agencies, and universities. Today, ESA is centrally located near Denver, Colorado to best serve our current client base.

As a data, software, and service company, our mission is to help our clients streamline their operation and improve their bottom line.

Wellsite Geologists

Dominic Pitre, BS
Scott Snoy, BS
Scott Davis, BS
Shane Nicklaus, BS
Wedge Howland, BS

Operations Geologists

Steven Herbst, MS
Curtis Magnino, BS
Ross Apodaca, BS
Joey Luce, BS


Vandy Blue Spikes, PhD - President
Liv Spikes - Business Manager

Geologic Consulting

Dan Moore - Exploration & Development Geologist

IT & Software

Tag Spikes - IT Manager
Bryce Mattson - Software Developer

Data Team

Timothy Makee - GeoData Scientist
Kaleb Griffiths - GeoData Scientist

Current Openings

All applicants must be US citizens and live in Colorado, pass background and drug tests, and comply with all health and safety rules. All positions are full time with benefits. Please send resumes to

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